Vision and Goals

The Tidewater Community College Real Estate Foundation, Inc. is a Virginia 501(c)(3) corporation that is organized and operated exclusively to support the needs of Tidewater Community College.

The purpose of the Real Estate Foundation is to engage in real estate activities to financially benefit the College and to further the College’s mission.

Goals and Strategies

Goal 1: Develop the Suffolk property into a long-term income producer via an array of business arrangements and a mixture of business, educational, residential and recreational uses to achieve the best revenue generating and operational strategy possible.

  • Strategy 1:  Identify industries/development partners that make the best combined fit for the property.
  • Strategy 2: Craft a Master Development plan to drive the re-development of the Suffolk property.
  • Strategy 3: Support the College to continue to provide academic programming to support the mission of the college and serve the citizens in the adjacent areas.

Goal 2: Leverage the Foundation’s assets to acquire new properties or to expand existing facilities to further the College’s mission.

  • Strategy 1: Develop a “Hospitality Center of Excellence” at the Virginia Beach Campus along with a state-of-the-art Center for Workforce Solutions building.
  • Strategy 2: Raise funds through the Foundation to expand the Regional Automotive Center so the programs can be expanded to help increase College enrollment.
  • Strategy 3: Use the Foundation’s assets to acquire space for a brand new state-of-the-art culinary education center at the Norfolk Campus.

Goal 3: Develop a program to receive gifts of real estate from individuals, business entities, trusts, etc. that provide financial benefit to the Foundation.

  • Establish a public presence that advertises what the Foundation is and what the mission is to encourage donations to the Foundation.